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In this digital age, it's important to have a strong online presence. Regardless the product or service, 81% of buyers begin their research online. Therefore, unless you've a strong digital strategy, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. This month, Accelerate with Google launches its Digital Coach Program in 9 cities across the country. For more information on Google's Digital Inclusion Program, click HERE. And check out the upcoming launch events in cities across the country.

Local Google Digital Coach Program Launch Events

Atlanta May 8th | RSVP Here
Chicago May 11th | RSVP Here
Detroit May 9th | RSVP Here
Miami May 9th RSVP | Here
Washington DC May 4th | RSVP Here

Have you applied to be included in the database? 

If not, you are missing out. Here's why. Selected businesses will get free profile on the site, meaning that when people arrive to the site to check out the most high potential minority firms out there, your beautiful face will be staring right back at them.

Additionally, once we get going, there are certain benefits that only companies who are part of the database will have access to. The process is competitive and there are a limited amount of slots available for the May 31st launch. Make sure you access all of the benefits from the very beginning!

Apply Here

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